Hobie Qualifier Info.


The 2014 Kayak Fishing Classic at Jamaica Bay has been selected as a qualifying event for the 2014 Hobie® Fishing Worlds Championship to be held in Amsterdam October 5-11, 2014.

 The overall winner of the event will be invited to join Team USA 2014.

Due to the costs of overseas travel and scheduling considerations, the winner of this event has until June 15th to commit to attend. If the winning angler is unable to attend, the second place angler will be awarded the opportunity and have until July 1st to commit. . If in the case the second qualifier is unable to attend then the third place qualifier will receive the invite and have until July 15th to commit.

As a member of Team USA, angler’s will be required to wear official Hobie Fishing Worlds team gear at all designated times. Competitors will be responsible for travel, lodging and fishing gear.  The Netherland’s is a fantastic Pike and Zander fishing region for Europe.

Keeton Eoff

Hobie Fishing